A combination of sparks and light conglomerate in a sexy explosion of excitement whenever our specially trained angle grinders turn up on the scene.

This unique talent isn’t something we’d recommend to try yourself – which is why hiring CEP pros is the best course of action if you want sparks to fly at your party.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a private or corporate event, angle grinders are an amazing way to raise the hype in a room and contribute massively to a party atmosphere heading in the right direction.

Get creative with your event. If you’re hosting a corporate party which involves industrial work (preferably alongside metal) in any way, angle grinders are not only a fun addition, but a relevant one. Regardless of who you’re hosting for, they’ll never fail to get people pumped and turn a standard event into an unforgettable one.

If sparks are your kind of thing, why not go one step further and also rent out some of our fire performers? Plus, if you really want to go crazy, feel free to hire a giant martini glass for the grinders to perform in. Honestly, can you imagine that spectacle? Mind-blowing!

Angle Grinders